Project Recruitment – Hiring Conversations you want to have

Opportunities and Challenges

  • Quick Look at the Job Market
  • Technology Impacted the ICT Sector and Mutated the Jobs
  • The Skills Challenge – Hybrid Roles
  • Technology Agency Recruiters Use and Exploiting the Technology Recruiters Use
  • Creating the Conversation(s) you want to have

A Quick Look at the Job Market

  • Seek says - “a record year for job ads”
  • Solid increase in these industry sectors : 🔸 Education🔸 Health care 🔸 Farming 🔸 Conservation 🔸 Mining 🔸 Energy 🔸 Sports 🔸 Recreation
  • Double digit decline in these sectors – 🔸 Financial services 🔸 Engineering 🔸 Trades 🔸 Services 🔸 Manufacturing 🔸 Transport 🔸 Logistics

Technology Changed Hiring

Impacted the ICT Sector

  • Emerging digital technologies need rapid development. Ex: Cyber
  • Connected economy needs project and change mangement
  • Changes in workplace roles need teamwork, design
  • Automation of manual processes needs industry specialists to diagnose

Transformed Roles interlock with unrelated functions

  • Combining skill sets never found in the same job before 
  • The purchase of Tableau by Salesforce merges two hybrid skills: data visualization and customer relationship management. 

Skills Challenge – Role Transformation

  • Human Skills
  • Digital Building Blocks
  • Business Enabler

(Only 1/5th of workers can claim skills in all three categories)

Challenge & Opportunity for the Mid Career Seekers – which skills to add to the portfolio?

Of interest to Project Managers will be the emergence of Business Enabler skillset

Business Enabler Skills – the project manager needs to be able to –

  • Act as a connective tissue, between people with disparate skills and roles
  • Close technological, knowledge and communication gaps
  • Function as a set of bridges between roles, workers, teams and domains
  • Inform R&D with consumer, marketplace and business insights
  • Apply creative power of digital science, to the overall business enterprise
  • Unlock, add, and communicate the value of digital technologies

Technology Recruiters & Hiring Managers Use

"Google is the New Resume!"

Creating conversations you want to have using the cover letter

Essential Criteria or Critical Success Factors

  • Analytical and quantitative skills
  • Effective communication skills
  • Commitment to leadership, teamwork and inclusion
  • Ability to organize and multi-task
  • Intellectual curiosity and problem-solving skills
  • Strong work ethic and results orientation
  • Industry knowledge and market awareness

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