When the Career Plan Expires

In my experience, when a job ends, anxiety fogs our vision and impacts confidence. I cancel out the doubts in my abilities by telling myself I am okay; it was because my Career Plan expired. It is time to create a new plan. My thinking is blurred. What can I borrow from the Marketing experts?

Push marketing: pushing the brand in front of audiences

Pull marketing: a plan that draws interest with relevant and exciting information.

Pull is a strategy relying on “get the customers to come to you” using social networking, blogging, word of mouth. It searches for a particular brand and depends on goodwill, quality, reliability, and reputation.

I will try the push and pull strategies to find my new career path. I will apply to the job advertisements, using the push approach, and adapt the pull strategy to create my Plan.

My “next job” strategy is no different from my Plan to purchase a car. I need a clear idea of what I want and why I need it in buying a new car.

Why do I need the car; What will it cost; When will I find a quality car; Where is it located; Who has the car I want; How will I get it.

I need a 4-cylinder front-wheel drive with seating for two adults and two children, and less than 18 months old. My budget is $25,000, and I need the car by December 20th, 2021, to go on holiday.

I can use this Plan when my network asks me, “what job are you looking for?” I help others to help me with clues of what I need in 8 points:

what do I want?  senior contract teaching, uplifting project skills
why precisely?  financial and relevant in the workplace
doing what?  delivering online and physical project training
who for?  learning or project organisations
where?  located in CBD
how long?  4 days a week
by when?  by February 28 2021
what salary?  pro rata $100,000.00

My Push Plan:  I respond to Push job advertisements matching my criteria.
My Pull Plan:  I advertise through social networking and word of mouth.

Are you also considering your next move? Try the helicopter view: adopt a strategy.
A strategy is “the science or art of planning; displaying a sound, plan or action; showing strategic insight or timing.” The master of strategy Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War,” influenced leaders. Tzu wrote his masterpiece to secure his future. “Victory in battle is apparent to all, but the science of ensuring success before the action begins is a skill known to but a few.


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