Boost your chances in securing that Ideal Job

Boost your chances in securing that Ideal Job.

Everybody in recruiting (business owners, hiring managers, recruiters) uses an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) to establish the strength of an applicant’s skills and experience. An ATS counts the frequency of the skill or rates a specific ability placed within the resume.

Resumes tell a story. If I believe I am a Project Officer, but my resume omits words describing “my role in a team,” “project,” or “how I help a project manager,” the ATS may reject me.

Try this before you send your resume out. Review your resume in word format, use ctrl f. Enter a keyword from the position description. Now repeat this exercise in your resume.
How many times is that word in your resume? In what context? “What words should be there?”

It is not only about the resume – hiring changed – hybrid roles need a different storyline.

🔸 Hybridization and the Job Market
(did you know – research says job mobility is offering skills across multiple disciplines)
Roles now combine two and possibly three, skill sets: Digital, Business and Human
Review your Resume. Are you able to combine skills?
(Research | Burning Glass Technologies (

🔸 Building a Resume:
(many resumes resemble a shopping list, challenging a Hiring Manager’s time)
Context is critical – careful word selection provides clarity – tell your story
Industry know-how, aptitude, attitude, and achievements make for compelling reading!

🔸 Getting that Ideal Role: It may mean staying with Your Tribe
(in my experience, there can be human associations linking your past choices)
What would those who know you, say you do best?
Consider applying to those industries which those people in Your Tribe occupy.

🔸 Researching the company you want to join, before applying for the role
(in my experience: many applicants do not understand the company culture or business)
View the position description: visit the website. Understand why it is being advertised
Do your skills match >80%? Are you a cultural fit? Do they need you?

🔸 Creating that positive experience – for the Hiring Manager
(the resume got you an interview: forget it. Focus on interview and respond to their need)
Relate their issues to your skills:     what is the problem? what can you offer?

You are the right applicant:         keep listening and talk in their language
You know you can fix the problem:     be confident, describe how you meet their challenge

Ready to find your Ideal Role? Want to learn how to boost your job chances?

Shield Talented Professionals offers facilitated training on How to Get the Ideal Job.
“Zoom with Us” through two combined sessions Wednesday evenings 7 pm till 8.30 pm.

Course Presentation and Candidate Materials
Facilitation using Zoom – to join the session(s) a url link will be emailed to you
Masterclass Journal to guide us through “How To” steps
Complimentary pen
Resume templates (optional)

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